Lars Tetens

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Since 1979 Lars Tetens has been, and is still today, the original and unmatched leader of innovation in the cigar industry.

 Lars Tetens has been changing and innovating the cigar industry for over thirty years.  Every one including the biggest cigar companies in the world have been influenced by Lars’ innovations in rolling techniques, aging, packaging, and even marketing.  Many of them have gone even farther than that, directly taking Lars’ ideas and adopting them as their own. (Cigars International directly copied Thompson’s cigar catalogue and Smoke Magazine’s write-ups they used about Lars Tetens, using it for Drew Estates write ups in their own catalogue verbatim.) Some of the owners of these companies have even gone so far as to dress like Lars believing that to be the way to sell their cheap knock-offs.  While the imitators rely on other companies to make products for them, in their feeble attempts to try to look more like Lars, they miss one crucial factor that continues to keep them 3 steps behind: Lars really creates and makes these products first everyone else is just following.

Contrary to popular belief, in 1492, the cigar industry was destroyed. When Columbus came to the islands, he raped and pillaged the indigenous community. Do you think, then, that they would turn around and teach (the Europeans) the ancient ways of cigar making? For centuries the ancient ways of making cigars were lost ... until now.

Lars Tetens spent years doing research to rediscover the ancient techniques of manufacturing cigars. Through an ancient secret conditioning process, Lars Tetens has brought back the spirit of the cigar. Real cigar connoisseurs worldwide recognize him to be the great champion of the true old world cigar. Now you too can experience what cigar connoisseurs worldwide are embracing as the cigar of the future, brought back from the past. If you have the wherewithal, nothing else but a Lars Tetens will do. 


Utilizing leaves from all over our great American country, the blends are thick, rich, smooth and full bodied to the point of complete satisfaction. With a Wrapper Grade Connecticut Shade Binder and sweet Connecticut Shade & Puerto Rican Filler, the secret is in the Pennsylvania Broadleaf Wrapper, slightly fermented to add that extra layer of complexity.  The Aromata Dei formerly named the Bass Master in particular was a favorite of Bernie Mac and regularly featured on his TV show.


Spain, a country known for it’s rich heritage, it’s beautiful architecture, it’s delicious cuisine, and it’s diverse landscape, is a destination for any world traveler and for over 46 million people, it’s home.  Filled with culture and charm, only a line of cigars with real character can don the name: España.  Utilizing a superior blend of Puerto Rican, Virginia, and Georgian Filler, this “puro manjar” is bound with a Connecticut Shade, wrapper-grade binder and finished with a beautiful, oily PA Broadleaf Wrapper.  Exploding with rich and robust smoke, España delivers without ever being over bearing or harsh to give you an experience that is ultimately as satisfying and enlightening as a stroll through Seville ... well ... almost as satisfying.  The next best thing.

In the spirit of the county’s national motto, these cigars take smoking to a whole other level: Plus Ultra (Further Beyond) 

La Mejor Suave

Rico ... Suave ... Rico ... Suave.  Are you smooth?  Are you ... “Gerardo Smooth?” When you walk down the street do you turn so many heads it could be a conspiracy?  Do you hear comments in the background like “esa persona es tan suave” and “¿quién es ese operador suave?”  If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are probably smooth enough.  Most of us, however, need a little help.  For us, help comes in the form of one line: La Mejor Suave.
Filled with the very best blend of Virginian and Puerto Rican filler, this smooth and able creation is and finished with the smoothest Connecticut shade wrapper and binder available.  There is no equal to La Mejor Suave when it comes to smooth and satisfying.  Sorry Gerardo. 


Mild: Loaded with flavor, the Cubagua highlights the best leaves from Venezuela and Honduras with a filler that is the ultimate definition of synergy.  Bound with a wrapper-grade Pennsylvania Broadleaf binder and encased in a thick Ecuadorian Colorado wrapper leaf – it’s so tasty, you’ll want to keep the flavor in your mouth all day. Complex, yet balanced, this medium-bodied mixture results in a creamy, delicately spicy, earthy smoke with a rich, naturally sweet flavor. It’s mild enough to pair with your morning cup of coffee and flavorful enough to top off a hearty steak dinner.
 Named after the smallest and least populated in a chain of Islands off the coast of Venezuela, Cubagua takes you to a place with no streets, no roads, and no less than a two hour ferry ride to any remnants of the fast and furious life you left behind

There is a certain kind of person who’s connection to life is so deep that only the strongest and most extreme sensations can satisfy their most carnal of desires.  Often they are marked with badges of resilience, lightly decorated or sometimes even covered in ornate tattoos, unique unto themselves, each one as personal as the next.  They say you can tell a lot about a person just by their tattoos.  Some say you can tell a lot about a person just by their cigars.  In the tradition of such lovers of extreme sensation, a blend truly piquant has been born.
Using bold textures from a truly rich blend of Georgia, Kentucky, and North Carolina filler, the heat is only increased from here, layering a spicy Puerto Rican wrapper-grade binder, redolent and consistently spicy.  Wrapped in a signature Pennsylvanian Broadleaf, your threshold will be put to the test and your senses challenged as you draw from this homage to life itself.  There is a certain kind of person who’s connection to life is so deep … for that person there is only Bellator.


This is the exclusive legend in the cigar industry. Aged twenty years, the full blend is undisclosed and summed up in one word – stronger.  Yes that is a Pennsylvania Broadleaf Wrapper, and yes, you may detect a little Puerto Rican tobacco too, that’s the binder, wrapper grade of course.  The final ingredient, however, is the mystery. When you taste one of these, you will understand why its creator, Lars Tetens, has kept so secretive about its construction. Truly the king of cigars.

19th hole

Mild to Medium Body: The sun is high, the breeze is slight, and the there is no one around for miles as you take your time to line up this next shot.  A bead of sweat is the only evidence of your intense concentration as the rest of your face is as calm as the clouds parading across the deep blue sky.  You take a deep breath, wind up, and release your club into the perfect swing and watch with satisfaction as your ball sails to it’s destination, hundreds of yards away to rest on a perfect green.  This is a beautiful moment.  As you walk over to the cart, you decide which smoke to celebrate this blessed life you lead.  Only one line comes to mind, Lars Tetens 19th Hole.  You bring the match up to your cigar.  Your mind is clear.  Life is good.

With construction that mimics the perfect balance found only in nature, this brilliant cigar is a true testament to Pennsylvania’s ability to produce great tobacco.  Employing a masterful blend of North Carolina, Georgia, and Puerto Rican  tobacco for it’s filler, this beauty is bound with a wrapper grade, Connecticut Shade binder, and finished off with a PA Broadleaf wrapper, fermented to give you one smooth smoke.  When you find yourself out on the perfect day, you will want to be carrying the perfect cigar and you may just find yourself in the place most long to be, but never find, the heavenly, 19th hole.

Sutton Place

Mild Body: Sutton Place is one of the most affluent streets in Manhattan, named after Effingham B. Sutton who constructed the luxurious brownstones that line this famous avenue in 1875.  

Each Sutton Place cigar boasts an ample full-flavored character, while maintaining a mild to medium body. It is rich, silky-smooth, creamy, and booming with bold flavors and is one of the most consistently delicious and reasonably-priced cigars on the market.  A simple but elegant blend, the Sutton Place uses a formula that works, a light Connecticut Shade wrapper surrounding Virginia and Kentucky  filler but with a twist, a rich Pennsylvania Broadleaf  wrapper-grade binder that gives Sutton Place the character and heir of prestige that is so commonly associated with its namesake.


Full Body:  The Greenwich is named after a place where high quality of life is the standard.  If our bodies are our temples then the Greenwich is the alter at which we pray.  Nothing honors yourself more than taking an hour out of your busy schedule to focus on the more beautiful side of life.  As you take your first draw, you invite into your mouth the essence of being itself as your tongue absorbs the rich, woody aromas of a skillfully blended bouquet of Georgian, Virginian, and the finest Kentucky filler.  As serenity overtakes you, you notice a slight tinge playfully bite the back corners of your mind as your detect the effects of a wrapper-grade Connecticut Shade binder igniting your senses.  Polished with a beautiful, fermented Pennsylvania Broadleaf, the prestige of the cigar is reached with a glorious burst of flavor and the most subtle hints of espresso.  When the moment finally passes you and you put the nub of burning embers in the ashtray for the last time, you slowly come to out of your meditative, trance-like state and are prepared to meet even the most challenging tasks with a whole new body and mind. 

Annuit Coeptis

Medium Body:  Like the mysterious secret societies that allegedly manipulate every facet of the world that we know, only the elite few with the wherewithal are privy to the delicate balance that is Annuit Coeptis. Another marvel produced by master blender and cigar guru, Lars Tetens, to experience this concoction of botanical brilliance is to be confronted by the very questions of our existence.
             Another showcase of the awesome power of Pennsylvania Broadleaf, the subtle overtones with the fearless use of ligero will tantalize your taste buds leaving you in a state of anticipation for the next draw, again and again. Starting with a base of Pennsylvania Broadleaf, the filler for this model of genius amplifies the bold flavors of the broadleaf with the reliable sensibility of Connecticut Shade. Bound with a Connecticut Shade Wrapper Grade Binder, it is once again married with the sharper overtones of a Pennsylvania wrapper creating a cigar that is both spicy on the draw and mild on the release; a true contender to any of the lesser patriotic company's blends using non-American tobacco. Like the more "esoteric organizations" that may or may not have infiltrated our society, not everyone is meant to come into direct contact with this tour de force, but the signs of it's existence are apparent wherever you go.


Full Body: Much mystery surrounds the origin of the R.  Some say it represents words like Respect, Regal, Ready, and Refined.  Some say it’s merely one in a sequence of R’s as it’s primal blend of earthy and robust tones unleash a guttural growl of contentment from deep within your soul.  Most, however, say speculation is wasted on this icon of craftsmanship, as to try to pass judgment on such a divine artifact, is to miss the point of it completely.  Using some seriously strong filler blends from heart of Virginia and Kentucky, the R is bound in the exotic embrace of a wrapper-grade Pennsylvania Broadleaf Binder, and wrapped in a beautiful Connecticut Shade Wrapper.  Step into the Realm of the Real, and Relax as your Realize the Rapture of R.


This is for the real cigar smoker. This is the Fu##ing King of Garz. Employing a masterful blend of Pennsylvania, and Puerto Rican  tobacco for it’s filler, this beauty is bound with a wrapper grade, Connecticut Shade binder, and finished off with a Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper, fermented to give you the best smoke.


Medium Body:  Deep, earthy, medium bodied with a smooth flavor, the cigar for any gentleman’s night out. After over 30 years in the business Lars can get the job done with a blend of a superior blend of Puerto Rican and Connecticut Filler, this is bound with a Connecticut Shade, wrapper-grade binder and finished with a beautiful, oily PA Broadleaf Wrapper.

The tobaccos origins may change from time to time to keep the integrity of the cigar blends