Craig Torosian President

1236 Devonshire Rd

Coatsville PA 19320

Lars Tetens CBD can change your life. CBD is one of many nutrient-rich, naturally occurring healing compounds found in the industrial hemp plant. Our CBD is legal in all 50 states and is non-psychoactive. Everyone has receptors in their body for CBD, and research has shown that CBD can strengthen, repair and support basic cell functions.  Lars Tetens CBD assists in the elevation of your overall sense of well-being because it supports your body’s biological defense system. Only select naturally extracted nano-particle hemp with complimentary compounds becomes Lars Tetens CBD. Nano-particle and full-spectrum so your body gets the boost it needs.

Live your life without boundaries! CBD is a necessary ingredient to a healthy lifestyle. Lars Tetens CBD Energy combines the power of healing herbs and vitamins to give you more energy naturally, without the crash or jitters of other energy products. Change your life, live without limits.