Lars immerses himself in the world of the senses

Lars Tetens is a man of so many talents he has been dubbed by his admirers as a contemporary Leonardo Da Vinci. People ranging from high-profile celebrities to politicians and presidents of Fortune 500 companies have retained him as there consultant on many varying projects, and are among his abundant admirers. From five years old, the crafts and hobbies Lars explored as a child have developed products in a broad range of categories from luxury merchandise to science and technology. Today, in addition to being a world famous handbag manufacturer, parfumer and chef he is recognized also worldwide for his sumptuous, exotic chocolates, chocolate truffles, a full line of spices and sauces as well as his unique apparel and accessory designs from his house of couture, which continue to set precedents in the fashion industry. Furthermore, he is credited with bringing back the lost ancient art of cigar making techniques that date back thousands of years. Lars continues to amaze fans with his exquisite artwork and original furniture pieces, his innovative designs of skateboards, advanced motor controllers for HVAC systems and his hand-made automatic watches with hand-tooled movements, all of which sit at the zeniths of their industries in quality and design. 

Become an instant gourmet chef with Lars Tetens versatile array of gourmet Seasoning Blends. Adding any one of these perfectly balance seasonings to your dishes makes it the only ingredients you will need to flavor your food. Creating his first batch when he was only 5 years old Lars now has over 40 more years experience blending the perfect combination of both domestic an exotic spices from around the world he draws his inspiration from his travels living across the world from the small villages of the South American rainforest to the mountains of mainland China and everywhere in between. Put these seasonings on all your food from meat to vegetables and offer it to all your friends and family. Don't be caught out on the road with limited unsatisfying food choices, adding this seasoning on takeout or anything fast food will give you gourmet flavor on the run. Soon you'll be the one all your friends talk about as having an aficionado taste in gourmet foods. Lars Tetens seasonings take over 40 years of culinary experience and puts it in the palm of your hand.

Luxury in all things

Lars Tetens

You’ve finally arrived at that place in life which few people come to and only the most discerning and distinguished tastes will ever realize. Reward yourself with the luxury you deserve. When you are looking for the finest products that all true aficionados require, only Lars Tetens will do.